Curricula Development

In  FAMA College compilation process and program development is a process which lasts continuously . This process includes design , development, implementation , monitoring, evaluation and review.


Designing of programs: This process involves all stakeholders and is focused on the philosophicaldimension of the programgoalsobjectivesscope of study, experience, program evaluation andprogram outcomes.

 Development of programs: Development of programs is a process that involves planning,establishment

and consecutive preparation of a program.
This process creates a statement of a visionmissionstandardslearning activitiesinstructionalstrategiescorrelates interdisiplinesand other activities that assist in the implementation of researchprograms.

 Implementation of the programIn this process stakeholders as part of the process contribute to the operation of designed and developed program.

This process is managed by the Office for development of curricula in the College FAMA.
This office coordinates all the activities of the study programsand allows participation and connects allstakeholders in this process in order to implement programs.

 Monitoring and evaluation of programsIn the process of monitoring and evaluation, Office for Development and Curricula as well as Office for Quality Assurance does monitoring of approvedprograms to ensure implementation of already approved.

Office for curriculum development and quality assurance office continuously collects data in order to inform decision-makers on implementation of programs.
The collected data is analyzed in order to assess efficiency of a program, which can identify potentialweaknesses where improvement is required.


Review of programsMonitoring and evaluation process is correlated to the process of program review.
In review process, achievements and omissions of the programs are analyzed that requireimprovements.

Analyzing the process of reviewing the.

This is a continuous process that aims to continuously improve the curriculum in order to achieve theexpected results of the program.


Curriculum Development Office manages periodic review process of program 1  3(4years depending on duration of the program.

CDO ensures that at the end of each academic yeareach department discuss the program and forms a working groups of 3-5 members, including one student from the relevant program.
During this processworking groups receive inputs from stakeholders such as studentsteaching staff,the requirements of employerslabor marketthe comparability of programsand recommendations ofthe Accreditation Agencyaiming to modify both existing programs and fulfill the mission and the vision of College FAMA. 

Working groups of programs draft reports in which are included requests for changes/replenishment tothe study programThis draft proposal is sent to the Scientific Teaching Council for review.
After reviewing the report Scientific Teaching Council proposes to the Senate of College FAMA for approval. 


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