History of Fama College

Fama College is a private institution of higher education engaged in education and scientific research, with the objectives set out in the Statutes of the FAMA College.

The official established date is 12 May 2003.

FAMA College in the academic year 2003/04 started with two faculties: 

  • Faculty of Economics with departments:
    • Management and Informatics,
    • Banking, Finance and Accounting


  • Faculty of Political Sciences with departments:
    • Public administration
    • Diplomacy.

From year to year the College began to grow in terms of the number of faculties and the number of students.

  • In the academic year 2004/2005 was opened Faculty of Law, Department of General Law.
  • In the academic year 2005/2006 was opened also Criminology Department of the Faculty of Law.
  • In the academic year 2006/2007 for the first time we started with MA programmes at:

  • Faculty of Political Science departments;
    • International Relations and Diplomacy
    • Public Administration.


  • Faculty of Economics departments;
    • Management and Informatics,
    • Banking, Finance and Accounting.

 In the academic year 2007/2008 were opened  Faculty of Computer Science and Psychology, as well as a master's degree at the Faculty of Law with the Penal-Law department.

 With the establishment of  Kosovo Accreditaed Agency,  Fama College in 2009 was accreditated in institutional and programme level:

  • Institutional Accreditation
    • First accreditation: 1 year: from October 1. 2009 until September 30. 2010.
    • Second re-accreditation: 3 years: from October 1. 2010 until September 30. 2013
    • Third re-accreditation: 5 years: from October 1. 2013 until September 30. 2018.


  • Acreditated Programmes 

Bachelor Programs:






Banking, Finance and Accounting

Political Science and Public Administration





Criminal Science


Enlgish Langugae and Literature




Children care and welfare




Master Programs:





Banking, Finance and Accounting


Criminal Law


Civil Law


Security Studies


International Relations and Diplomacy


Public Administration





FAMA  College in the academic year 2006/2007 has extended the activity in three other units in:

  • Gjilan,
  • Mitrovica and
  • Prizren, which are developed based on complex institutional development in Pristina.

 FAMA College has the Quality Assurance Office and has implemented rules and structure of Quality Assurance in a consistent manner.

In this regard FAMA College has contracted consulting organization in British Higher Education Quality Ltd., where Professor Emeritus Roger Hilyer as leader of this organization with experience in the field of quality development and is committed to providing ongoing support and advice for the development, promotion and provision the quality of FAMA College.

Besides teaching Fama College has the office for scientific research where all of teachers are involved.

FAMA College is now in the 12th year of its activity with approximately 8.000 active students and with approximately 3000 graduate students for both levels (Bachelor and Master)



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