Quality Assurance

Quality assurance system is ensured through 

I) organizational structures of FAMA College, 
II) the Office of Quality Assurance


All management structures (authorities and governing bodies) are responsible for monitoring the daily quality assurance through planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring the implementation of policies, strategies and procedures towards achieving the vision of the College FAMA.

Quality assurance has been set up under the responsibility of the Rector, after receiving the opinion by the Academic Councils and is approved by the Senate of College FAMA.

Quality Assurance office is part of the organizational structure that operates on the basis of quality regulation. Besides QAO program teams is consisting of all teaching staff, then staff assistant / administrative and students. Academic staff members come from other college campuses FAMA. In essence access of College FAMA in terms of quality is a commitment to teamwork.

Primar responsibility of quality assurance within the QAO coordinates and manages the quality assurance system in college. To meet its objectives in the most effective and efficient way, QAO in its organizational structure includes QAO working team which is consisted by: QAO leader, program representatives, co-opted members when required, and student representative. Representatives of the programs enable two-way communication between QAO and related programs, and vice versa, bringing in QAO program views and policies of the QAO respective programs. This allows the direct inclusion of programs in total quality assurance system, which facilitates the implementation of quality assurance system in college, where programs are directly part of making quality assurance policies and their implementation. Also, the co-optation of members as needed, does enable the research and use of expertise from various international experience in quality assurance system, as is the case for engagement in QAO Prof. Dr. Roger Hilyer from Sheffield University, an expert on long experience in the field of quality assurance, from which Fama College FAMA has the opportunity to benefit from these experiences in the consolidation of quality assurance system. Student representative on the QAO ensures that the voice of the students involved in policy - and implementation of quality assurance in the form of inputs and outputs in the system of quality assurance. Starting from the model of education that students focus on the representation of the views of students directly in QAO through representatives of their particular interest, because it involves students directly into the quality assurance system. This QAO working team are having thier meetings on regular basis,  rewiveing periodically all issues related to quality assurance of the Colelge and do monitor quality assurance. 


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