President of FAMA College

Salal Ahmetxhekaj
President of FAMA College


FAMA College   - ideal and real opportunity for study

FAMA College, as a private higher education institution, is engaged in teaching and scientific research. The college, in all its activities, has the mission to contribute to the development of higher education - undergraduate and postgraduate education quality, which can advance the process of socio-economic and political development in Kosovo.

Furthermore, FAMA College has proved and is demonstrating that the good will of private initiative can help in further development of education and qualitative cadre preparation from various fields. Truly said, students who have graduated from bachelor and master studies at the college, effortlessly have pursued studies at the most prestigious universities abroad, and have become part of many public and private institutions in the country, demonstrating a high professional and moral culture. In addition to advanced physical, studying, teaching conditions and professional staff, another advantage of this college is the fact that studies are carried on in an interactive way without censure, where students prepare for “the marketplace of ideas and work”. Fortunately, this college is one of the few institutions in the country and the region that has constantly tried and is trying to meet the needs of those segments of the labor market, which are still deficient in Kosovo. Likewise, FAMA College has consistently maintained the pace of development by increasing the academic and administrative capacities; has signed cooperation agreements with internationally renowned colleges; established scientific institutes; has helped with scholarships outstanding students; has supported the publication of numerous books  has organized scientific conferences on various topics, has invited many foreign and domestic dignitaries to hold lectures etc.

In this context, FAMA College has paid special attention to the practical training of students as, in addition to theoretical knowledge components that are offered, students have the opportunity to carry out their practice in public and private institutions: the Presidency, the Prime Minister’s and Ministerial offices, courts, banking institutions, various companies, etc. Besides these advantages and opportunities, "FAMA" conducted visits to various countries of the world: In the United States, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and other countries as well.

Given that the college is expanding its capabilities and capacities, it has also opened three other units in three centers of Kosovo: Prizren, Mitrovica and Gjilan. These units operate as part of the college, where students have the opportunity to study as close to their place of residence or work. In the end we want to underline that FAMA college is open to all those who deserve to be competitors in the marketplace of ideas and work, because their preparation and ability are guaranteed!

FAMA College welcomes you by putting at your service all its mechanisms, that tomorrow you become our passport.


      Congratulations and good luck!


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