Mission and vision of FAMA College

FAMA College is a private bearer of Higher Education, based in Pristina, as well as campuses in Gnjilane, Prizren and Mitrovica, which extends its education and research activities within the borders of the Republic of Kosovo, provides full-time studies in two levels,  in that university (Bachelor) and postgraduate (Master) and aims to prepare senior professionals both within and outside the country, in the areas covered through teaching and above all to develop their passions and interests, in the benefit of the community where they live and work..

           FAMA College mission is articulated in FAMA College Statute Article 6, which reads:

FAMA College mission is:

  • ­Action towards the advancement and development of education, science, culture and local economy;
  • ­Through undergraduate and graduate programs, professionally educate senior specialists in all fields of art, science and culture, according to academic structures available;
  • ­To adjust to the highest European standards of superior education and act towards full integration into the European area of higher education and scientific research (according to the Bologna Declaration);
  • ­To cooperate with all universities and to participate in all the activities of higher education at the national, regional and international levels;
  • ­To contribute to the process of promoting democratic citizenship. 

    In line with this mission, Fama College's vision is to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education and to offer professional preparation of the first level of education, social sciences, economics, law, public administration, international relations in the field of insurance, etc. To make a new qualitatively step in the education of senior specialists in their respective fields to generate professional results adopted for the needs of the global market, at the same time serving to higher level studies (second and third cycle of studies) 

    In compliance to its mission and breakdown of the vision, Fama College has the following main objectives:

    In the field of teaching and learning

  • To provide students with the potentials of the designer in the respective fields in order to be able to provide solutions to various problems;
  • To provide students with knowledge in accordance with current scientific developments, with contemporary methods and international standards aiming adaptation of the specialists with the requirements of the labour market not only Kosovo but also abroad;
  • To provide students with professional knowledge and skills to be able to perform various applicable tasks in their respective fields of our economy
  • Provide studies and training courses in the framework of lifelong learning policy to enable refreshing of knowledge and qualifications of different generations who have completed our programs of study. 

    In the field of scientific research 

  • Provide third cycle studies in the areas set out above, embracing the preparation of the training of researchers and young scientists.
  • To carry out research and scientific activities closely related to academic activity and developed research program studies, by participating in national and international projects and being partner with foreign university institutions.
  • To promote continued scientific qualifications of academic staff, by creating continuity and consistency in the quality of the teaching staff.
  • To perform university publications in their respective fields.
  • To organize and participate in congresses and scientific conferences, seminars and workshops in their respective fields and
  • To conduct and support scientific publications such as monographs, scientific articles, books, etc.


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