The Senate, Academic Council of College, Rector and Deans are responsible for the programmes of study, as well as for execution of measures concerning the quality of lecturers and work conditions of the College and its Programme.

In order to develop, monitor and periodically review programmes and diplomas in appropriate continuance, Senate of the College establishes the Quality Assurance Office.

These regulations specify the role and responsibility of the Quality Assurance Office.

Section 1

Fama College, through the Quality Assurance Office provides for the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of education provided in accordance with: 

Law on Higher Education;

Charter and other Regulations of Fama College ;

Standards and guidelines for accreditation by the  Accreditation Agency;

Section 2

The constitution of the office is determined by the decision of senate, whereas its competences are determined with this regulation.

Section 3

The Quality Assurance Office has these competences:

to raise the profile of Quality Assurance and to embed a quality culture in the University

to ensure the smooth and timely running of the annual Quality Assurance programme

to co-ordinate the gathering of views on course provision from stakeholders, especially students

to facilitate expert and informed review of Quality Assurance reports and action plans

to facilitate feedback and guidance to writers of reviews and reports

to facilitate and encourage staff development in teaching, learning and assessment

to be the repository of the approved current versions of modules and programmes

to hold and make available statistical information for the purpose of quality enhancement

to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Bologna accord

to take responsibility for any additional Quality Assurance processes such as periodical review to be introduced by the College

to take the lead in preparing documents for external purposes such as accreditation and university collaborations

to submit reports on quality assurance to the Rector, Director and Senate as required

to assist Deans and Faculties in developing and implementing procedures for quality assurance and enhancement

to prepare such other reports on quality assurance as are required

Section 4


The quality assurance working team consists of

Head of the Quality Office, chair

One person from each programme

Head of Administration

Students’ representative

External expert

Section 5

The members of the working team are elected as appropriate from Academic Council of the Faculty for a period of three years with the possibility for the reelection.

Section 6

In each Faculty, programme teams will be responsible, under the authority of the Dean, for the quality monitoring and enhancement of degree programmes according to the agreed University procedure.

Section 7

Programme teams will prepare annual review/action plans, endorsed by the Deans, for submission to the University QA working team, making full use of such sources of information as are available and endorsed by the Quality Office

Section 8

The office of general secretary will provide the technical support for the work of Quality Assurance Office (QAO)

Section 9

The QAO office is assembled in regular meetings at least twice in a month. The agenda I proposed from the head of QAO. Extraordinary meeting can be held with the requirement of the head of office or at least two members. 

Section 10

The Head of QA will used his or her good offices to maintain open and frank communication with the Committee of Deans, or such other body as may be set up by the University to maintain an overview of Academic Development

Section 11

In keeping with its responsibility to foster a quality culture in the University, the QA working team and the Head of QA can propose such other activities as are consistent with that aim.  These might include workshops, seminars, debates, internal publications and web sites.

Section 12

This regulation enters into force within 8 days, staring from the day the announcement on the notice board of Fama College. 




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