Secretary General of FAMA College

Reshat Nura

Tel. + 377 (0) 44 / 197-324;


 Secretary is the highest executive and administrative staff of the College, with special rights and responsibilities specified in its contract.

The duties of the Secretary General are determined by the statute of FAMA College.

 Secretary General of FAMA College has the following duties and responsibilities:

• It is the most senior official of the administration;

• The head of the Central Administration;

• The chief of administrative offices across all campuses of the FAMA College;

• Is responsible for the efficient, economic and effective College

• Is responsible for keeping records of regular applicants for admission, students enrolled in all department, file graduates, contract staff, property, measures for receiving the work of the administration in the College, giving opinions and preparing acts of the College and the departments.

 He is responsible for maintaining accurate records of administrative offices.

 The Secretary General, as the administrative representative of FAMA College and as the most senior person responsible about this  has unlimited access to all data.

The Secretary General is a permanent member of the Senate and the Scientific-Teaching Council, without voting rights.


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